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We make winning at  :

The UncannyAI watches you play and gives you the information you need to win more games!

Deep Dive into how you play!

Compare your skills to the best in the world. Where should you land? Where do you get kills? Where do you die the most? We show you all of that.

Wonder how you got that kill? Or want to share how you died? The UncannyAI auto clips that for you =)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you going to review my stream?

It is super rare for an actual human to ever see your gameplay. If we do, it is almost always to troubleshoot a problem. The AI is what analyzes your performance.

What do I need to stream to the UncannyAI?

It’s pretty much exactly like streaming to Twitch or Mixer.

There is a super simple tool called StreamLabs, just set that up in a few minutes, and then streaming when you play is as simple as pressing a button.

We walk you through the whole process – step by step, and it is super easy.

Do you automatically clip my highlights?


Right now the AI will automatically clip your kills, and end of the round event (victory royale or death). 

We will be adding much more here over time!

What should I stream?

Easy! The AI can watch you play Solo, Duos or Squad matches. It doesn’t know how to watch creative or team rumble just yet.

You can start your stream and leave it running for multiple rounds, but for best results start your stream when the battle bus launches and stop it again when you round ends.

What happens when I stream?

Our AI analyzes the gameplay and shows you a ton of data on how you performed in the round.

You will see interactive maps for:

  • Your rotation
  • Landing spots
  • Where you get kills
  • End of round
  • Where you take damage
  • Materials collected (coming soon)
  • Materials used (coming soon)
  • Item and weapon pickups (coming soon)
  • Much more!

We have advanced heat maps and comparison data for you.

  • Where do I land the most?
  • Where do I die the most?
  • Where do I get the most kills?
  • and more!

Finally, we have analyzed hundreds of pro matches, and we show you HOW YOU COMPARE!!!

Not to mention we automatically clip highlights for you =)

How do you see my gameplay?

In order for Uncanny to help, you have to stream your game to our AI.

Setup is super simple, and we provide a video guide and step by step walkthrough on how to do it!





Easy Setup

Unlimited match streaming

Interactive maps

Automatic clipping