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How To Setup Streaming – It’s Easy!

We highly recommend streaming to our system from your PC. There are a variety of methods to capture and stream gameplay, but after exhaustive performance testing, we recommend  StreamLabs OBS.

Here is how you configure that to best stream to UncannyAI. Start with downloading and installing
– StreamLabs OBS –

1. We are teaching you how to setup StreamLabs OBS from scratch from use with Uncanny, so you may already be past this step. When asked to “Connect”, click “Skip”

2. When asked to import, click “Start Fresh”:

3. When asked to setup Mic and Webcam click “Skip” (we dont need them to analyze your gameplay):

4. When asked to add a theme click “Skip” – we want a blank scene:

5. When you see the blank StreamLabs dashboard, STOP and OPEN Fortnite! Then come back to the StreamLabs Dashboard

6. Click the “+” icon next to “Sources” to add a capture

7. Click the “Game Capture”

8. Click the “Add Source” as we can leave the default name

9. For the “Mode” dropdown select “Capture specific window. For the “Window” dropdown, select “FortniteClient”. then click Done

10. Click the gear (settings) icon in the lower LEFT of the screen.

11. Select “Stream” from the column on the left, and enter the URL and Stream Key which was provided to you (or on your Uncanny profile page)

12. Select “Output” from the column on the left, ensure your settings match the image (Bitrate: 2500, Encoder: Software):

NOTE: The minimum bitrate is 2500. Streaming at 3000 is better for the AI

13. Select “Video” from the column on the left, ensure your settings match the image (Base Resolution: 1920×1080 [or whatever your monitor resolution is], Output Resolution: 1280×720, Common FPS Values: 30):

NOTE: If you have a decent gaming machine, you might consider setting the output resolution to 1920×1080. Your game clips will look cooler that way. 

14. Select “Hotkeys” from the column on the left, we want to configure a hotkey to start and stop streaming. I use F1, but pick a key that is unique and comfortable to you, we will use it every match. finally click Done:

15. Lastly, make sure the bounding box matches the preview window, in all 4 corners:

All SET!!! 

Now, to best use the system, when you are in the Battle Bus, hit the hotkey we setup in step 14 to start the stream. Then hit it again at the end of the round when you are eliminated or get a Victory Royale, to stop.


Our system IS smart enough to break out matches if you accidentally leave the stream running, or have a very short match. It is just typically more efficient and easier to break it up into matches.